Youtube pulled gay dating ad

08-Apr-2018 18:55

Pepsi's new ad featuring Kendall Jenner, which shows her handing a police officer a soda as a peace offering during a protest, drew controversy this week.The ad spurred a slew of memes on social media, with some parodying civil rights movement protests as Pepsi ads.There are a lot of creators that are having to pick between making video content and being able to pay their bills.That’s scary, and it’s going to affect our community negatively.” You Tube claims Restricted Mode only affects 1% of total traffic, but the numbers add up differently for LGBT content creators: R. Aguiar, who has almost 250,000 followers on Shep689, says views have dropped 57% on videos he’s posted since April.Some have watched their income from the site drop by 90% in just the past few months.

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Since April, her posts have garnered less than 600 each, a 97% plunge.In her farewell, Ello Steph (real name: Steph Frosch) warned of a coming exodus.