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The finale ends with her saying, "But maybe there are just some things we aren't meant to know for sure." Common Sense Media explains: Carmen breaks the law at every turn, but her thefts are somehow forgivable in light of the fact that she does it more for the challenge and the thrill of it than for any personal gain, and her main concern is always the preservation of the artifacts.

In fact, she even concerns herself with the kid detectives’ well-being and is known to step in on their behalf when there’s danger.

Although a villainess Carmen operates on her own brand of morals, such as being a thief in the strictest sense of the word and not killing Zack and Ivy despite gaining many opportunities to do so. It is only in Word Detective and Math Detective that substantial information about Carmen is given.

She has even saved the Chief’s life when he was suffering a viral malfunction and did not want to lose him and only had Manny "kidnap" him so she could get to play chess with him like they did every Christmas when she was an ACME agent. In this universe, Carmen's partner when she was at ACME was Chase Devineaux and one of the last cases they worked on together involved the mythical "Prometheus Rock." Although Chase and Carmen apprehended the thieves responsible for stealing it, the rock itself was not found.

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She agrees to this, and actually pulls it off, hijacking the Orient Express with only conventional tools.

Carmen is sometimes depicted as genuinely liking Zack and Ivy, and enjoying the ongoing battle of wits she has with them to the point where she will often congratulate the two for their successes regarding them as worthy opponents.

They recently looked as couple, but nobody was able to answer the ultimate question: Who is that guy?… continue reading »

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