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The number 88 also has explicit Nazi connotations: The 8th letter in the English alphabet is "H," and 88 has come to mean "HH" or "Heil Hitler." 88MM was also featured on white-supremacist record label Satanic Skinhead's 2006 compilation And though explicitly supremacist bands are largely ostracized from the greater metal community, big-name bands have revealed bigoted opinions as well.

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Gatekeepers and fans of musical genres could learn from this campaign to change the culture of metal music: Though there's a white supremacist presence in metal, there's no shortage of it in other musical milieus, either.

via Twitter/@sbstryker via Twitter/@quinncy via Twitter/@Freddy In Space via Twitter/@4lisaguerrero Tinder has also released a strong statement about bigotry on the platform.

The largest white supremacist prison gang in Tennessee is Aryan Nations (a different group than the neo-Nazi group of the same name).

The dating service urged anyone aware of white supremacists on the site to report the offending accounts.

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After receiving some light push back on their announcement, OKCupid expanded on their decision, saying that the people associated with this ideology may not have the best on-site behaviour.S., the ADL notes that white supremacist music often encourages violence against minority groups, and has been connected to violence. Kelly says that, while industry gatekeepers—including labels and venue management—don't typically go out of their way to promote white power music like National Socialist black metal, they do "allo[w] it to exist unchallenged." Most of the people who want to hear this kind of music must seek it out themselves, given that white power bands aren't as well-publicized as, say, Slayer.