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28-Aug-2017 18:02

Here you can find information about our funding opportunities and the positive change our projects have brought to the territory and its people.

Learn more Posted on The project Bio Base NWE, funded by the Interreg North-West Europe Programme 2007-2013, is the winner of the Regio Stars Awards 2017 in the category 1: ‘Smart Specialisation for SME innovation’.

The more East you go the more you will realize that your own cultural background is not one norm with all others to be measured against it.

It is, after all, just one out of many others and maybe not even a good one at that.

In addition, the strong links to other European regions, such as Central and Eastern Europe and the Nordics, mean that working with a truly international firm is essential.

Bird & Bird has 12 offices across the major economies of Western Europe, including Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and the United Kingdom.

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Greece and its eurozone creditors agreed two weeks ago to extend the Greek bailout but negotiations with the new government have run in trouble threatening to cut Athens off from funds by the end of March.

EU officials have been so concerned by the Greek threats that the European Commission last week sought “assurances…