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31-Aug-2017 10:53

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Yet another reason is if you are not on North America, the updater runs very slow.

There is no rsync daemon to support for anonymous synchronization.

Besides that, seems everything in this issue is technically working as expected, though it might be a good idea to clear the cache whenever the price source changes, I'll look into that.

The purpose of the Image J Updater is to keep you up-to-date with all components of Image J (or Fiji), i.e.

In the advanced mode, you can see details about the files, choose to skip updating selected components, and search by filename.

Note: in the advanced mode you can also upload plugins to your update site.

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We also create a system user to do all of this and limit this ssh key for this function.

The details for each component can be edited by writing below the respective entry.

To save the changes, you have to upload the plugin to the server.

It is possible to drive the Updater through the command-line option --update.

If you call that without arguments, it will show you what subcommands are available: script was originally intended to fix broken Fiji installations, and was subsequently enhanced to initialize the updater in an Image J 1.x-only directory -- or even from a complete fresh state.

Hey there, So, AFAIK, eve-central has been down for a while due to a server move.

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