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Again, if this sort of thing offends you, don't read the magazine, or at least don't read the articles which you find offensive. Syntel Vista publishes the advice of people in many fields. Box 2506, Cypress, Ca 90630 Yearly subscription: U. 35 Check us out on IRC 37 Caught in the Blacklisted Web 39 Deadlines! Telephone LATA Numbers 50 Technoless Hacks 50 Tony's Workshop 51 Call Security - Does it exist? I'm sure all the veteran readers know all about the magazine, but for the new people joining the viewing audience, Let's recap what this magazine is all about and where it came from .. Anyhow, for the readers who have been with us from the start, you will notice a LOT of changes to the magazine For one, you'll be sure to notice the front cover!But the use of this material is not a substitute for legal, accounting, or other professional services. Box 2506, Cypress Ca, 90630 9035768ABBAJBVJB-0005 Printed in the United States of America Blacklisted! 40 Who the IRS has never prosecuted 41 Low Band Military Aero Scanning 43 Blacklisted! 52 Getting by ANI 53 Florida BBS Numbers 55 Tennessee BBS Numbers 56 Way Kool Blacklisted! Read this once again: This magazine is provided to the individuals out there who are interested in knowing more than they're supposed to, according to the powers that be. We wanted more people to read what we had to say, so we concentrated on producing MORE copies for each issue It's worked out very well for us - and our readers. Originally, we came up with the magazine because we were all looking for a magazine which covered more than telephone hacking, etc So, with a lot of work and such, we managed to produce our first issue of Blacklisted! Yes, we decided to go back to the title bar we used for a couple of issues during our first year. It looks nice That's about the only reason, really.They like to offer their information, thinking for some reason, that it makes them look better, perhaps?Maybe they're just really cool people and like to pass info along.

Aside from the horrible smell of stagnate water and a little methane gas, quite a bit of old (and new) technology sits there - awaiting the curious to take a peek. If your area of expertise happens to be WIRES, this is the place for you!

" waiting for someone to call us on it and, in the process, giving us the contact info we're in need of Also, on the topic of sending us a 20 page article by fax Could you also send us a copy of it on DISK (IBM or AMIGA formats acceptable) in plain TEXT formats to the P. That way we won't have to OCR it or (AHEM) type it in Sometimes 20 pages of solid text is just a wee bit too much for this dude.

(The co-editor isn't particularly thrilled with large documents, either - and there's no amount of persuasion I can use to con him into doing it haha) So, for all our supporters that like to send us LARGE articles via fax, send it to us on disk, as well, if at all possible I would very much appreciate the extra effort on your part Anyone that makes my job easier is a definitely cool individual in my book My Co-Editor - You've been a great help, man!

Then you want to read this magazinel What's down there, you ask? What you will find is the j-box hunters dream of a lifetime, more or less.

Be sure to bring plenty of ventilation, a flashlight or two, a few tools of the trade and a lid tool, so you can get that heavy son of a gun off the hole!41 1 Magazine are those of the writers of the articles, and do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of any Syntel Vista Staff Members, Editor or owner. 411 Magazine will, from time to time, contain articles on aci.vities which are illegal.