Updating your home

27-Jan-2018 09:39

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Even in-season decorations should be kept minimal and easily removable.Dead mums, old pumpkins, past-prime wreaths and garlands all need to be composted or dumped.

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Make the beds, fluff the pillows on beds and couches, and fold blankets and towels neatly. Neatly arrange all bathroom products, empty the trash, and maybe even put out a fresh hand soap for a spa-like touch.

They see the replacements necessary as the result of poor maintenance.

Make it easy for them by running to your local hardware store and grabbing some replacement blinds.

Moving furniture to the edges of a room is an easy fix for making areas seem larger.

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Hide extra furniture such as ottomans and side tables that crowd areas, and move furniture to the outsides of the walls and rugs.Sometimes closet light bulbs, hallway sconces and other little-used light fixtures get overlooked for dead lightbulbs.