Updating sony vaio bios vgn sz230p

31-Oct-2017 09:10

Problem with that is the TV is set to skip unused inputs while user is pressing the source button on the remote or on the TV, in this case my vaio Laptop is being skipped. Apparently, this is a known issue between Sony Vaio laptops and Samsung LCD TV, but some managed to solve it anyway... :( I have already try the following tests : - deactivate the VAIO Event Service - update to the last version of the VAIO Event Service ( - test with another VGA cable - display the output of another laptop to the TV : OK - display the Vaio's output to an Acer LCD monitor : OK - reboot the laptop while VGA cable is connected - turning the TV on before and after connecting the VGA cable - displaying the output of another laptop on the TV, then unplugging the cable and replugging it to the Vaio to see whether the TV can retrieve the signal (strange, but some managed to do it) : it failed Do you have any other ideas or solutions ?

Luckily I have purchased a harmony 550 universal remote, the remote lets you to go to any input on the TV. I mean other than buying a Harmony Universal Remote ;) Thanks a lot if you can help !

I called Sony and was told this has been a known issue and solved yet. Thanks I have the same kind of issue between my vaio and my Samsung TV LCD through VGA...

the weird thing is that sometimes it worked (not many)...

The udpate suggested does not work on this vaio, can anyone help? CNagra I have been struggling to get my vaio to connect to my Samsung LCD for weeks but have now seemed to have cracked it.

updating sony vaio bios vgn sz230p-59

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i have researched this site and read other threads of similar problems, and have tried the new ALPS driver for windows 7, but when i try and run the setup it tells me that it cannot run on my OS. I need to know either how to remove this password, or what tools are needed to remove it.