Updating old farmhouse

29-Jul-2017 03:59

So my husband removed the other mirror, and hung the new one. The time I painted it, I painted it a blue that coordinated with the blue in the drapery fabric…not a good choice. So I then decided that black would be the best color since the wicker chair in that room is already painted black.I don’t think you can really see a difference in the photographs, but it looks much better.Just moved it to the guest bedroom and bought a gray upholstered bed with silver nailhead trim. Just go with that color scheme in there, and I think it would look pretty.(I’m not brave enough to paint ours yet.) Hope this helps!

updating old farmhouse-70

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I bet whoever buys it, has this room repainted first thing! Green is my favorite color, but this is an obnoxious shade! We took out all the bookshelves and now it looks almost like a master bedroom without a bath. Not sure what the new owner would use it for family room or bedroom. ) I forgot to take a “before picture” of it, so I am going to show you the photograph of the new mirror again since the highboy is reflected in it. It probably would have looked better with larger sized pulls, but this is what Lowes had in stock, and I didn’t want to spend the extra money on a special order. Well, my mother-in-law searched a long time to find me a small wicker table. She found this one at LL Bean, and it looked good in place of the small stool I had by the chair in the master bedroom. 🙂 I really like how these small changes have updated our bedroom.