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26-Oct-2017 07:16

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Should you decide to buy the Acura Navigation System Update disc for 2017 you will immediately benefit from being able to access any changes that have occurred on the North American and United States road networks.Updates have been made to roads, junction, sub-divisions, highways, plus as an additional extra you will benefit from updated business addresses and a new bundled database with millions of Points of Interest (POI) files included.Once you receive your new 2017 disc in the post it’s very easy to get new GPS maps onto your factory-installed navigation device.

This includes coverage for not only verified roads, but also unverified roads all that exist within the 48 contiguous United States.

In the navigation application, you can see your map version by going to Settings About. To confirm if you have Garmin-supplied navigation, on your navigation application go to Settings About and check that navigation is being provided by Garmin. For Acura vehicles with Garmin navigation, a user gets 10 years of map updates at no cost.