The dynamics of memory context dependent updating

24-Apr-2018 14:33

the dynamics of memory context dependent updating-44

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For example, you can use an XSLT in a pipeline if you want to log the various document versions that are the result of transformations.

You can receive this error message when the timeout value specified in the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) configuration is exceeded.

Document versions are not logged for each integration-port-level transform.

Document versions are logged only for pipeline components.

If document consumers require the If services that use different serializers, such as Xml Serializer and Data Contract Serializer, are hosted on the same port, client proxies can be generated that have duplicate types.

In Microsoft Dynamics AX, this situation can occur when service operations for document services and custom services are added to the same port.

Check that sender and receiver have the same contract and the same binding (including security requirements, e.g. To redeploy a service group, right-click the name of the service group in the You must set the appropriate permissions for any new virtual directory in IIS so that Microsoft Dynamics AX can access the file share.You must then add, as a user, the domain account for all AOS instances that require access.