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Persephone merely slumped against him, her eyes cast downwards looking dejected.Hades knew his wife had a better knack for pairing people off than he did, probably had something to do with her job as Goddess of Life.Jafar was starting to feel that being alone wasn't such a bad thing…if anything, being on this string of really bad dates had reminded him that he did not need a woman to complete him… The scourge of Agrabah, and he was damn proud of that…Jafar walked purposely through the hallway of the House of Hades, this was it, this date would be his last date and then he was done with this ridiculous dating nonsense, he was never going to find his ideal woman following what the Underworld deities would suit him…'Jafar..' Persephone sounded cheerfully as she set the receiver of the phone down.

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The book talks about the author, Kim Young, and her friends dating advice and tips.

Definitely had some good laughs and some sad moments, when Kim is talking with her friend Pam.