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Joey Richter-Film: Athenaeum Theatre; Directors Lab Chicago participant.

Marguerite Woodward-Completed a costume internship at New York Theatre Workshop, worked on the B’way transfer of Once and is currently assisting David Wollard on Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. Andres Holder-Director of Artistic Operations, Washington Ballet, Washington, D. Rachel Jahn-2nd year as costume design Intern at the Kalamazoo Civic Theatre.

The mutants then reasserted their control, prompting Landon to kill both Marcus and Galen, but the mental effort killed the mutant General of Defence, and Landon's mind was finally free of confusion.

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The Juno was partially a test run for the secretive 'Project Liberty', and Dr.

Three months after the crew entered hibernation, the Liberty 1 collided with a ship exactly identical with itself, automatically setting an emergency course for Earth and crash-landing there nine months later. Hasslein to monitor progress, and it was noted that communications abruptly stopped en route to Centaurus.

However, upon landing, Landon's location transmission signal from the TX-9 somehow found its way back through the time distortion to the place they had left, prompting ANSA to consider sending a second Liberty craft along the same trajectory, either as a rescue mission or, more likely, as a suicide mission which would nevertheless prove time-travel theory.

Landon, himself injured by an indirect blast of radiation from the X-Comm, had an affair with Stewart during the voyage.

Having completed their tasks, the surviving crew then discovered a Soviet satellite containing the corpse of a monkey cosmonaut named Gregori, meaning that the planet had already been claimed.

Zaius also arranged for Zao and Mungwortt to be secretly transported to the Forbidden Zone and left to the mercy of the 'white ones', as both had failed to keep quiet about witnessing humans talk.

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