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28-Mar-2018 21:02

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Young people aged 13 to 18 who have been affected by someone else’s drinking are invited to share experience, strength and hope with other teens.

A You Tube star made a surprise appearance, members of a favorite boy band poured their hearts out in a video message and flowers arrived from around the world.

All for a 14-year-old girl from Appleton, Wis., they had never met. The disease destroys nerve cells in the brain stem and spinal cord that control voluntary muscle activity, and a lack of movement causes the muscles to waste away.

The living room in the Bolen house, which Jerika shares with her mother, Jen Bolen, became a makeshift beauty salon on Friday afternoon as Jerika, her mom and several friends had their hair and makeup done.

Jerika wore a tiara and later added a prom queen sash to the ensemble.

Danny Damiani/USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin Alton Olson DJs during Jerika Bolen's Prom Friday, July 22, 2016 at the Grand Meridian in Appleton, Wis.

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Friday was set aside for happiness, and the work to accomplish that goal had begun long before the disco ball started spinning above the DJ station.Danny Damiani/USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin Flowers sent to Jerika Bolen's prom from a family in Kuwait Friday, July 22, 2016 at the Grand Meridian in Appleton, Wis.