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02-Feb-2018 10:06

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Stage 4 During this stage we will be customizing the personae, vocabulary and phrasing of the four launch chatbots so that each of them chats in a manner appropriate to their gender and their conversational style (flirty or adult chat).The duration of this stage is estimated at 2 months, and will be carried out in parallel with stages 1 and 2.It can be endowed with its own artificial personality and emotions, and can become the user’s friend.Please help us to develop our sophisticated chatbots for flirting and for adult sexy conversations.Stage 3 In this stage we will develop the graphics and animation for the chatbot’s personae, and other aspects of the user interface for i Phone, i Pad and Android apps.This stage will take 3-4 months, and will be developed in parallel with Stages 1 and 2.

This includes the limited edition personalized chatbots.

The company’s mission is to become the world’s leading force in the creation and marketing of artificially intelligent flirty and adult chat apps and services which are generated by computer software.

One of our aims is to provide a new type of service within the sexy chat sector, using state-of-the-art intelligent chatbots that are designed and programmed to create adult conversations.

We will also be enabling the chatbot to be personalized, so that when a limited edition chatbot is “born” it will already know a lot about its user and will be attracted to its user’s personality, background and other characteristics.

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This stage will take about 5 months and will be developed in parallel with Stage 1.We are creating our chatbots to entertain and to satisfy the needs of everyone who enjoys flirting and/or adult sexy chat.

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