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18-Oct-2017 14:14

The history and fortunes of Singapore, an island nation between Malaysia and Indonesia, have always been closely intertwined with migration.As a British trading colony established in 1819, most of the city's population growth until the World War II was due to immigration.In 2008, annualized growth of the nonresident population peaked at some 19.0 percent, while that of the resident population steadied at just 1.7 percent.Population growth rates for both nonresidents and residents, however, have begun to ease since the 2008-09 Great Recession, with 4.1 percent growth among the former and 1.0 percent among the latter in 2010.Albeit, the percentage of Chinese fell below 75 percent of the total resident population for the first time ever in 2010, while the share of Indians rose from 7.9 percent to 9.2 percent.

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The state's nonresident population started increasing again, beginning a trend that continues to this day.

With respect to citizenship, eligibility for the foreign born is limited to those who are at least 21 years of age and who have been PRs for at least two to six years immediately prior to the date of application.