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After Kirsten orders Sandy to remove the young felon from their household, he reminds her that she once pledged never to become like her parents (who are largely responsible for their dreamy lifestyle). I stank of patchouli and lived in the back of a mail truck,” and he chirps back, ”And you were fun!” (Clearly, in other ways, she still is, since he promptly loads the boy into the BMW and takes him back to Chino — temporarily, of course.) Though her feet are on more solid — or at least more realistic — ground, Kirsten is not above a little hand-wringing herself, as evidenced by the wry smile she offers when asked by Marissa’s father, the Enron-ish financial planner Jimmy (Tate Donovan), ”Did you ever think this would be our lives?It can be distilled no further than its title suggests.Even the classic Hollywood pitch -- "It's Jaws meets The O. But the movie also suffers from a kind of knowingness.But extraordinary in the sense, often, of being special, glamorous.(The curved line, the extravagant gesture.) Not extraordinary merely in the sense of effort." Note the extraordinary simplicity of Spring Break Shark Attack's premise.

The pure examples of Camp are unintentional; they are dead serious." Without that seriousness and honesty, the film only exploits the audience (holding it through commercials) by flattering it.” Jimmy has an inflatable wife and an alcoholic daughter, and he’s turned to a life of white-collar crime, presumably to keep his family in ,000 handbags.While Jimmy squirms, Sandy has his cake, eats it, and tells everybody how to bake one, too.When he and ritzy next-door neighbor Marissa (Mischa Barton) bond, it’s over their parents’ similar ineptitudes, Prada and trailers aside.

Mc Kenzie has a gift for suffering, smoldering, and raging in silence, and it serves him well in a role that’s almost entirely about containment and ambivalence.

Paradoxically, its aim to be laughed at creates an emotional disconnect, a kind of "winks and nudges" attitude that reassures the audience they are smarter than the film. If not, wait a few minutes for the "Desperate Search for Missing Housewives Continues" headline that appears a few minutes later.) Their floating cocktail party is then crashed by ravenous sharks.