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28-Oct-2017 15:46

In lieu of a comprehensive sex and relationship education, which should be part of the mandatory high school curriculum, pornography has become a primary source of sex education for young people.

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The Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations (AFAO) said there are discrepancies in the quality of sex education material being taught, the targeting of materials and inconsistencies in individual curricula and teaching approaches.

Seven out of ten young women surveyed agreed that girls are often bullied and harassed online.

Girls described growing rates of sexual assault on the playground, including being groped at school and on the school bus.

Some said where sex education is failing, pornography is stepping in.

Boys harassing girls for nude photographs and sending unsolicited “dick pics” has become part of the typical teenage dating routine.

This is influencing men’s attitude towards women and what they think is acceptable.” A 15-year-old girl said: “[Schools should] introduce [a discussion of] pornography as part of the education as young boys are accessing it and thinking this is normal in relationships.” The impact of pornography on young people’s sexual attitudes and behaviors is best expressed by young people themselves.