Sexy chatbook

07-Dec-2017 22:42

Anyone not running Cryptocat who intercepts the messages shouldn't be able to read them.

That's not to say, however, that Facebook can't find out anything about your conversation.

It's also in question whether Cryptocat can sway the skeptics who may remember the service's rocky history when it comes to security.

I'm all for blowing a loud raspberry in Facebook's face, but I'm a little dubious about how much something like this would be used by the average guy in the street.

The good thing is that a lot of new cam to cam sites appeared, and while being similar both in user interface and the way they let users connect, the main difference is that many of those sites were made with the adult fun in mind, and are intended only for adults.

Unlike Omegle, these sites will let you flaunt your privates in front of the camera as much as you want, just be prepared to expect the same from other users.

However, it was not intended as an adult platform, and therefore the adult content is not welcome there.

Although individual messages will just appear as "[encrypted message]", Facebook will still, for instance, be able to collect metadata about who on Facebook you had an encrypted message chat with, and when.

Cryptocat believes that on balance that isn't a problem for those who choose to message via its encrypted Facebook chat service: In Cryptocat group chats, chatrooms, nicknames, and pretty much everything else is completely ephemeral.

The amount of registered metadata is minimal compared to Encrypted Facebook Chat.

While Cryptocat over Facebook Chat will encrypt your conversations, it’s important to note that Facebook will still be able to access metadata such as the times during which you exchanged messages, or which Facebook friends you had an encrypted conversation with.If privacy is so important to you, isn't Facebook the very last place you are likely to be hanging out?