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Surrounding Central Park, the Upper West and Upper East sides are predominantly residential, although both contain ample dining and shopping.

The Upper East Side also contains posh enclaves unaffordable for most, outstanding museums, and the designer boutiques of Madison Avenue.

Brooklyn shares the western end of Long Island with Queens, with excellent transportation service into the city by rail and subway and numerous beaches, parks and residential neighborhoods south and east towards the large JFK airport.

Brooklyn is socioeconomically very diverse, with a mix of upscale, middle class and poorer areas, while Queens is more clearly identifiable as middle class.

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“Hip” residential areas lie east and west, mainly popular with young single professionals.

New York is the largest metro area in the United States.

It includes the island of Manhattan, an eight-county area immediately north, western Long Island, and Staten Island.

The Bronx area, on the mainland to the north of Manhattan, is the grittiest of the three areas, although its strategic location between the city and to better areas north is starting to bring some interest.

Staten Island, a mainly-residential borough to the south, is connected to Manhattan by ferries and the Verrazano Narrows bridge.

The Upper West Side is dotted with large apartment buildings and is a favorite for working professionals and families.