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10-Oct-2017 17:04

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Almost two decades later, there are plenty of men and women across racial lines who still possess this opinion: a perfunctory search of “Serena” and “ugly” or “Serena” and “man” will generate a terrifying number of results.

This obsession with minimizing and masculinizing Serena isn’t just limited to a beauty standard, however.

Evidenced most recently by John Mc Enroe, who stated that he couldn’t call her the best tennis player ever without a gender qualifier “if she played the men’s circuit, she’d be, like, 700 in the world.”While it’s largely irrelevant, it should be noted that it’s unlikely that she would be ranked as low as 700.There’s no arbitrary ranking that Mc Enroe can make that will ever take that away, no matter how often he uses the gender qualifier to minimize it.