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There is an extra charge for this service, as it requires the groomer to adjust their schedule to accommodate.Yes, but check with each location for availability.If your dog appears to be over-exhausted, overwhelmed, or otherwise not themselves, we will ensure they receive individualized care and extra rest time based on their needs and energy level.Pets are generally washed and dried before the groom. After your pet is nice and clean, the groomer will clip their nails, clean their ears, and begin the cutting process.Select winemakers from around the world come together to collaborate with The Resort at Longboat Key Club and local artists at the 7th Annual Celebration of Food & Wine which will dazzle your eyes and thrill your palate.The Suncoast Aquatic Nature Center Associates, Inc.We highly recommend sending your feline friend with food from home to maintain their normal feeding routine.Meals are prepared individually for each feline guest in the Kitty Kitchen which has its own refrigerator, if your cat’s food is temperature sensitive.

We generally ask for 3-4 hours, however this may be shorter or longer depending on the dog’s size, breed, and coat condition.We like to schedule cat grooms first thing in the morning before the majority of our dog appointments arrive. All dogs have different needs when it comes to their anal glands, because of this we only perform this service when asked and when it does not provide injury or discomfort to the dog.