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Gray’s direction is assured, and opening scenes in two dressing rooms give the telepic an encouraging intro.For once, a biopic is not told in flashback or with voiceover.At the same time, though, the title leaves many questions unanswered.Is this an honest look at a man’s personal struggle?The more ensconced the two become in Hollywood — this is told by having movie posters flash quickly across the screen — the more they come to despise each other.

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Jerry Lewis - Sean Hayes Dean Martin - Jeremy Northam Betty Martin - Paula Cale Patti Lewis - Sarah Manninen Jeanne Martin - Kate Levering Abby Greshler - Scott Mc Cord Danny Lewis - Steve Brinder Rae Lewis - Rhona Shekter Lou Perry - Conrad Dunn Hal Wallis - Bill Lake Lew Wasserman - David Eisner The privacy with which Dean Martin wanted to live his life earns some respect in CBS’ biopic of his early days partnered with comic Jerry Lewis: There’s just no getting under this man’s skin.This version spells it out heavy on the sex and singing for Martin (Northam) and guilt and lack of parental acceptance for Lewis (Hayes).