Rsvp dating stamps

04-Oct-2017 15:43

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Then when you do and buy stamps to make contact, they reply once (hence you don't get your stamp back) then disappear! I have used RSVP on and off for a long time now (over 5 years), great place to pick up short term relationships and cheap for punters like myself.

80% of women are single mums which I try to avoid but hey if they are hot why not!

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It seems a lot of users have mentioned this in their review.However, in order to enjoy unlimited communication (instant messaging and internal email) you’ll have to purchase "stamps".If you want to improve the number of visits to your profile, you can sign up to become a Priority member.RSVP, Australia's largest dating site, was founded Valentine's Day in 1997.

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RSVP has consistently been ranked as the #1 online dating site (determined by number of visits) by several popular internet traffic measurement companies.For the cost of 24 stamps you are pretty much guaranteed 3 to 4 fun times.