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06-Nov-2018 05:53

: # day-check: non caturing group # days 01-28 0[1-9]|1\d|[2][0-8]| # february 29d check for leap year: all 4y / 00 years: only each 400 # 0400,0800,1200,1600,2000,... :0[1-9]|1[012]) # year 0000-9999 .\d $ # end anchor /^(? :[02468][1-35-79]|[13579][0-13-57-9])00) # 00,04,08,12,... .02)| # d31 positive lookahead: month up to 31 days 31(? :0[13578]|10|12)) ) # eof day-check # month 01-12 .(? :[02468][048]|[13579][26]) ) )| # d30 negative lookahead: february cannot have 30 days 30(?! \d)$ (^(((0[1-9]|1[0-9]|2[0-8])[\/](0[1-9]|1[012]))|((29|30|31)[\/](0[13578]|1[02]))|((29|30)[\/](0[4,6,9]|11)))[\/](19|[2-9][0-9])\d\d$)|(^29[\/]02[\/](19|[2-9][0-9])(00|04|08|12|16|20|24|28|32|36|40|44|48|52|56|60|64|68|72|76|80|84|88|92|96)$) 1/1/11 or 1.1.11 or 1-1-11 : true 01/01/11 or or 01-01-11 : true 01/01/2011 or or : true 01/1/2011 or 01.1.2011 or 01-1-2011 : true 1/11/2011 or 1.11.2011 or 1-11-2011 : true 1/11/11 or 1.11.11 or 1-11-11 : true 11/1/11 or 11.1.11 or 11-1-11 : true For those who look at these and get completely confused, here is an excerpt from my script. ([0-9](([2468][048]|[02468][48])|[13579][26])|([13579][26]|[02468][048]|0[0-9]|1[0-6])00))$ ^(((0[1-9]|[12][0-9]|30)[-/]?

regular expression for validating date format ddmmyyyy-57

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regular expression for validating date format ddmmyyyy-54

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It accepts either '-', '/', or nothing as separators between year, month, and day, no matter the order.

([0-9](([2468][048]|[02468][48])|[13579][26])|([13579][26]|[02468][048]|0[0-9]|1[0-6])00))$ ^([0-9][-/]?

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