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Now let us consider the underlying assumptions about radiocarbon dating that are made in order to make it a workable method, even though not a reliable one. Frankly, in most instances, it would be impossible to be certain how much of this secondary or intrusive carbon had entered the sample from elsewhere.

(1) Atmospheric carbon: For the past several million years, the air around us had the same amount of atmospheric carbon that it now has(2) Oceanic carbon: During that time, the very largeamount of oceanic carbon has not changed in size.(3) Cosmic rays: Cosmic rays from outer space have reached the earth in the same amounts in the past as now.(4) Balance of rates: Both the rate of formation and rate of decay of carbon 14 have always in the past remained in balance.(5) Decay rates: The decay rate of carbon 14 has never changed.(6) No contamination: Nothing has ever contaminated any specimen containing carbon 14.(7) No seepage: No seepage of water or other factor has brought additional carbon 14 to the sample since death occurred.(8) Amount of carbon 14 at death: The fraction of carbon 14, which the living thing possessed at death, is (9) Carbon 14 half-life: The half-life of carbon 14 has been accurately determined. (2) VARIATIONS WITHIN SAMPLES-Then there is the problem of variations within each of the samples.

And if it is completely ‘out-of-date,’ we just drop it.” THIRTEEN ASSUMPTIONS—As mentioned above, radiocarbon dating was invented by *Willard Libby. SIXTEEN RADIODATING PROBLEMS—Here is a brief discussion of some of the serious hurdles to accuracy in C-14 (radiocarbon) dating:(1) TYPE OF CARBON—Uncertainties regarding the type of carbon that may be in a given sample causes significant errors in dating.

From the beginning—and consistently thereafter—he and his associates proceeded on the assumption that (1) the way everything is now, so it always has been, and (2) no contaminating factor has previously disturbed any object tested with radiodating techniques. As mentioned earlier, every living thing is full of carbon compounds, and includes some carbon 14.

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But later research revealed that its inaccuracy increases in accordance with the actual age of the material (*C. Reed,“Animal Domestication in the Prehistoric Near East,” in Science, 130, 1959, p.(10) Atmospheric nitrogen: Nitrogen is the precursor to Carbon 14, so the amount of nitrogen in the atmosphere must have always been constant.(11) Instrumentation and analysis: The instrumentation is precise, working properly, and analytic methods are always carefully done.(12) Uniform results: The technique always yields the same results on the same sample or related samples that are obviously part of the same larger sample.(13) Earth’s magnetic field: Earth’s magnetic field was the same in the past as it is today. Part of the sample tests one way, and part tests another way.We have some big “ifs” in the above 13 assumptions! Thus, the meaning of dates by Carbon 14 prior to 1600 B. So many factors affect this that the experts are finding it seemingly impossible to arrive at accurate dates.(We will learn in the chapter on Ancient Man, that the earliest dates of Egypt are based on the uncertain and incomplete king-lists of Manetho. We know it was different, but do not know to what degree.

The earliest Egyptian dates should probably be lowered to 2200 B. Evidence is surfacing that changes have occurred which would invalidate ancient dates determined by carbon-14 analysis.1630; University of California at Los Angeles, “On the Accuracy of Radiocarbon Dates,”in Geochronicle, 2, 1966 [Libby’s own laboratory]). This method of dating is called carbon-14 dating, C-14 dating, or radiocarbon dating.

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