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The Japan exclusive "PSP Remasters" series are excluded from this requirement, and none of the games in this series have trophies.: The values provided have been proven but are not official.

However, since the first day trophies are introduced: Gulzt, Portland Ridah, Dajmer79, Docbooch, and Shuishou have collected trophy data for months, using the data accounts of all the leading trophy hunters.

First off: thank goodness they're not actually called "entitlements." No – Sony has gone simple with its in-game rewards / bragging rights system, settling on the concept of "Trophies" for rewarding players for their ... No beating around the bush – Sony's "Trophies" are Microsoft's "Achievements." Except that there's no Gamerscore point equivalent.

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I wish you could though as I've seen the same thing for games I don't plan on buying.

Acquiring trophies adds to your tally and contributes to a percentage bar attached to your Play Station Network ID.

Once a bar is completed your level increases, very similar to character leveling in role-playing games.

For example, if From the sound of things, though, there's not a lot of movement in terms of already-released titles receiving Trophy support.

According to Sony, developers would need to go back in and add the "trigger values" that unlock a Trophy, something we could only expect larger developers to undertake on titles that already have Xbox 360 achievements.

Platinum trophies are usually reserved for games sold on Blu-ray, but certain PSN games have been deemed "big enough" to include a platinum, such as Wipeout HD, Call of Duty: Classic, and Trine.