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16-Oct-2017 01:45

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I don't even see tracing the images, building the inventory GUI and looking for sounds/backgrounds as my duty. That doesn't change the fact that I still don't want to create GUI or graphics. Well, I better do a list of what still needs to be done. - Work over interaction.rpy, because the way it is now is kinda stupid.

Nevertheless I did it because nobody else did, so I guess I'm not the usual guy who says "organisator" when he means "I say things and you all do them!! And what is still missing at the moment are certain screens and item vectors. Help is wanted with everything as long I don't write otherwise. - A better navigation system, not this text menu based thing. ## Screen language and coding: - Expand/build a debug/cheat system, INCLUDING the GUI. ## Coding (I'll do that): - Work over the navigation code-wise (more loops and return, less jumps). - Add more-liners and expressions to the automatic talking of girls. The basic idea is to take a vector and add some layers to build in the expressions. sleeping, on date, kissing I guess - Vectors of certain characters which aren't dateable: Brock, Oak (both season 1 please) and maybe the shop keeper - Make the missing item vectors, by now we only have pokeball and super potion - Vector backgrounds would be nice instead of olified photographs, but then we would need them for ALL current backgrounds, which are quite a lot.

Meanwhile I've learned my way of tracing is probably not the way everybody would go on a first try. By the way, battling is (of course) possible, but it is not the main component and by now it is only a coin toss.

As I mentioned, I'm the programmer and the organisator.

When I get someone to make screens for that, this plan will be accessible through the game.

Battling does not increases stats, as it would make infinite stat rising possible if I do not limit the Pokemon Center visits through using some HP.

In this case, or if you want to contact the developers, please write to By the way, this is the Alpha Version, it is almost completely untested, through I hope you won't get to much error messages. Also, this game is safe for work, as save as playing a Pokémon Dating Sim at work can be. After saving your game, you have to start a new game and then load your saved progress. It has been exactly a year since I've started documenting this projects (and judging from the idea thread a little bit more since the idea came to me out of boredom).

It is written in Ren'Py and Python, where Ren'Py is a visual novel engine written in Python itself, thus the high compatibility.

Through when a player's character will not win OR loose as it is planned with the tournament plan, the game would be probably over for destroying the time line.the champs of the regions), you will take the chance to finally get a girlfriend!Because of the around 400 contestands from around the globe the tournament lasts a whole month and that is your time limit to use your charm (as well as strength, intelligence and skills) on the island where the tournament is hold. [img]Brock has no vector yet.[/img] [CREDITS] Inspired by Emerald07 Game Design - Sebastian "Ayutac" Koch Plot Writing - Sebastian "Ayutac" Koch Character Writing: Misty - Sebastian "Ayutac" Koch Sapphire - Gero "Myrrhion" Büßing Cynthia - Cazicon Character Tracing: Misty - Sebastian "Ayutac" Koch Sapphire - Gero "Myrrhion" Büßing Cynthia - Sebastian "Ayutac" Koch Item Tracing - Sebastian "Ayutac" Koch Background Images - provided by Programming - Sebastian "Ayutac" Koch Music - provided by The Ghoul alias partyghoul2000 Special Thanks To: the members of the lemma soft forums for their help with programming issues Programs of Choice: Ren'Py V 6.14 for the actual game j Edit for writing the source code Ink Scape for tracing Characters and Items GIMP for olifying the Background Images Sound Converter (on Lubuntu) for converting the music files to © 2002-2013 Pokémon.## Writing: - More questions for the existing girls (in progress) ## Misc: - Get (real) sizes, length and mass for girls! will you be able to do minor or major battling (as this is a huge tournament) and increase these skills of yours? it seems weird that a person could just show up and stay a month trying to get a girlfriend and never once actually battle other than that your game seems really interesting and I hope you get more feedback, or attention The "choice" is either to spent 50 of your daily HP to increase the stat or not.

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