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It can be a T-shirt, a floral dress, a wedding dress, a nightgown, whatever., which is centered around a fictional modern-day British monarchy, Prince Liam (William Moseley) may be sweet and charming, but he's no angel. In fact, some of them are such good con artists that you wouldn't have seen it coming. Is he secretive about answering his phone when you're around? And do those plans involve him coming over to your place? Does he try hard to impress you with his money by splurging on the most expensive bottle of Dom Pérignon and tipping the valet guy a hundred bucks? First he's talking about how the two of you need to plan a weekend getaway, then when you bring it up, he acts like he doesn't even remember! He's all about getting to know you, but when it comes to him, he's a closed book. And why haven't you met his friends or been over to his place? And when you look at the long list of well-known playboys in history, they all happen to be wealthy and successful men. So if he starts being extra forgetful or god forbid calls you by the wrong name, it's time to show him the door! And funny how all of his "friends" at the table are girls...6. When a guy is really interested in getting to know you, he'll take his time because he wants to invest the time and effort into a real connection. Whoa, no man is ever supposed to outdress his woman under any circumstances.

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It is never about verbal communication or plans about how your relationship will become more progressive. He is not about you seeing other members of his family or intimate friends. He doesn’t even want to meet your friends or family too. He wants to be on top of his game and that means he has to constantly keep in shape, he doesn’t mind if this means he has to go to the gym every now and then.