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26-Sep-2017 18:34

I need your feedback :)) Member's Only It's because of all those who have served this country that I have the freedom and right to own this website, and you have the freedom and right to be a part of it! Member's Only Just a quick note to let you all know I'm still here and haven't forgotten about you!

I took a month off for personal reasons, but I am back and will be updating with tons of new pics and videos starting this week!

I will explain to you where I've been, and let you follow me around while I do daily chores and get ready to have some company over later. I'm kind of drawing a blank as far as updates that don't include the cast!

I still have the SLC kit and will definitely be getting that done as soon as possible, but in the meantime, tell me what you want to see!

I try on 3 different styles of sexy heels and show you.

JOIN NOW Member's Only May 24, 2017: Stretching, Spasms and Pantyhose I recently received this incredibly sexy pair of pantyhose from a fan, so I decided today I would do some stretching and floor exercises while wearing them.

I just ordered this hot pink leg cast kit for my very first cast update! I've had SO, SO many requests over the years, so this is going to be very fun. Member's Only July 14, 2016: Note from Sexy Para Therapy went great!

I plan to tell you all about it in my next diary update. Member's Only July 12, 2016: Note from Sexy Para I am off to my first therapy appointment in about 16 years today! After that it's home to make some more sexy content for the site, and for YOU!

For now, I wanted to show you this pair of panythose I recently bought that I'm so excited to wear in a new video! Plus I'll tell you all about my appointment :) Member's Only Now that the tightness and pain is beginning to subside in my legs, I am coming out the other side with more feeling.

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The best part of that is I can feel my orgasms so much more intensely now!

Explaining what I plan to do with it, and telling you all about the new chair and its features.