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There is also a Clan chat available to players, who are part of an in-game clan.

The chat has many uses, such as finding new friends, discussing the game, asking questions, coordinating with teammates, and many more.

Pandora's Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to providing information, support, and resources to survivors of rape and sexual abuse and their friends and family.

We have been devoted to recovery and healing since 1999.

After completing the registration, you can't see the main chat or use the game chat until you reach the rank =Gefreiter.

Also, if you are a lower rank than Gefreiter, you'll be given a guide in the main chat of how to play Tanki Online.

Though rape and sexual abuse can have lasting effects, recovery from sexual violence is possible. Kacy, a sexual abuse survivor: "Pandora's has opened my mind and touched my soul." Read more... Members only see intersection of what they are looking for and what other members are looking for. Free messaging and status posting for undergraduates (5 messages/day limit).