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22-Sep-2018 08:16

It Follows The Same Format As Television Like many people in the social-media generation, my viewing habits have steadily changed from watching my favorite show in its allotted time on its scheduled date to watching it whenever, wherever, and however I’d like on my computer.

The social media generation puts accessibility above almost all else, and nothing is more accessible than the world wide web.

Once a user hits play, that video has a very short amount of time to capture their attention before they’ll start browsing some other site.

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While user-generated content will exist as long as users exist, and can often be very successful, the next five years will see viewers putting curated quality over random quantity. It’s Difficult To Find I’m continually amazed at the amount of fantastic video content that I come across online.Today, viewers still have to find content by visiting a company’s actual site, stumbling across it on You Tube or Vimeo, or hoping their friends do the same and share it.

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Tinder is "stupid and harmful because it only makes romantic human connection harder." It is also "a factory and you shouldn't pretend it's even vaguely romantic." And let's not forget that "the adult consequence of living with one’s decisions doesn’t really exist when the next best thing is only a swipe away."Most of the discussion around Tinder has focused on its core demographic: twentysomethings, gay and straight, in urban areas (New York and Los Angeles, where I live, are its two biggest markets), who seem to use Tinder to hook up, boost or masochistically deflate their ego, and/or issue sweeping, usually disparaging pronouncements about everyone they've ever encountered on it.… continue reading »

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