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25-Oct-2018 10:30

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Our clinical experience shows, however, that high doses of SSRI’s as accepted in the treatment of OCD (e.g., Montgomery et al., 2001) may lead to a reduction of ROCD symptoms for some individuals. The effectiveness of psychosocial treatment for ROCD has yet to be tested.

A successful therapeutic intervention, however, should be based on a theoretical understanding of the vulnerability factors and maintenance processes described above.

Furthermore, treatment is frequently sought only during relational instability (e.g., increasing pressure from a partner, low relationship satisfaction) and ROCD is often comorbid with other disorders, such as depression, other anxiety disorders, and other OCD symptoms.

Establishing that a person is suffering from ROCD, therefore, requires particular care. Relational obsessions usually begin in the early stages of a relationship and exacerbate as the relationship progresses or reach decision points (e.g., cohabitation, marriage).

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Helpful strategies may include challenging the link between OCD-related beliefs and abandonment fears (e.g., “over-vigilance will decrease the likelihood of being abandoned”), using behavioral experiments to increase tolerance for abandonment-related fears (e.g., writing/ thinking “does my partner really love me” without asking the partner for reassurance), and addressing beliefs associating abandonment with low perceptions of self-worth (e.g., “I am not worth anything and will therefore be abandoned”).An effective intervention may also address the meaning and consequences of increased monitoring of internal states.