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29-Sep-2018 12:37

"Even though I'm on there, I always lose a little bit of respect when I hear people met online. "We kind of joked that that was the better story," she said.

Despite pressure from the White House, top House Republicans haven't committed to a no-strings-attached vote on raising the nation's borrowing limit before the August recess.

Lawmakers have only about six legislative weeks left to clear their plates.

On Tuesday, the Freedom Caucus took a position on that, too: It called for canceling the August recess.

The app is also tethered to Facebook, so when flipping through pics, users instantly see mutual friends and interests — an element that can make a connection both curious and awkward.

After talking to lots of people who use Tinder and reading unofficial user guides, one thing is clear: There is no consensus on etiquette.

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Mnuchin has not commented on any timing shift, instead emphasizing that Congress should act by August.

It's one of the most profound questions facing the millennial generation today.

"I always swipe right when I see co-workers because I want to see if they like me back because I think it's funny," said a 23-year-old female restaurant server who, it seems, does not take swiping right too seriously.

For instance, do you swipe left — a way of saying "no, thanks" — when you see your friend's boyfriend on Tinder? Same questions apply to colleagues, distant friends and bosses.

How much meaning is contained in the act of swiping right?

The popularity of Tinder in particular has spawned a cottage industry of blogs dedicated to navigating the sometimes tricky rules of what to do, what not to do and how to leverage the app to get what you want — whether that's a quick hook-up or a five-course meal.