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It is through Christ that a human can come to know his or her existence in God, since Christ is God made human.Augustine suggests that Christ is also wisdom itself, since wisdom too is a kind of intermediary between God and the lower levels of creation.The first nine Books of the Confessions are devoted to the story of Augustine's life up to his mother's death, but the last four Books make a sudden, lengthy departure into pure theology and philosophy.This shift should be understood in the same context as the double meaning of 'confessions'—for Augustine, the story of his sinful life and redemption is in fact a profoundly philosophical and religious matter, since his story is only one example of the way all imperfect creation yearns to return to God.He is laying out the story of his life, opening himself as completely as possible to God and to his readers. Further, he is illustrating, with a temporal example, a specific view of the universe as unified across all time in an unchanging God.We have left Christ out of this discussion, largely because the most challenging aspects of Augustine's thought often concern his use of the Neoplatonic system.Since time is simply an illusion of the lower hierarchy, it means the same thing to wander and return to God as it does to owe one's existence to God at every moment—these are just two aspects of the same thing, one aspect told as a story and the other told in religious and philosophical terms.Thus, again, Augustine's text is remarkably and complexly coherent, despite its apparent eccentricities and shifts in content.

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The Neoplatonist universe is hierarchical, but things lower on the scale of being cannot be said to be bad or evil.

Nonetheless, Christ is crucial to Augustine, although he has no place in Neoplatonism.

Christ is the mechanism by which the return to God is effected.

It's meaningless to write Book 1 because he only praised the god rather than the ordinary people who gave him knowledge to write and learn.

Without human beings, how could he get over all this obstacles on his way communicating toward god.Augustine titled his deeply philosophical and theological autobiography Confessions to implicate two aspects of the form the work would take.

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