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05-Mar-2018 13:10

Brokaw's The Greatest Generation--followed by the Silent Generation and their kids, the Baby Boomers--the group that cemented generational targeting as a discipline.

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"Unless you're a marketer of kids products, a pure age-sex thing has become almost useless." Because of the expenditures involved, clients clearly want to feel quantitatively confident about which print or broadcast venues will effectively reach the client, he said.

For example, Monday Night Football, which has tried to market to teenagers-hyperkinetics, explosions, disorder-has pretty much turned off the rest of its audience." The secret to appealing across generations is to keep the core brand elements timeless, said Lloyd Weber, media director at Levi Strauss & Co. Then it was the 501 Blues which were really popular.

"Self-expression and self-confidence is what we try to communicate at Levi's," he said. Today, women love super low-fit jeans and guys love a loose comfortable fit.

"Many audience segments utilize the Internet, no matter what their age or spending patterns," Mr. "As a result, we recommend advertising strategies that include e-mail and targeted Web sites to develop consumer relationships." He also noted that the most exclusive of the luxury consumers remain unlikely to be swayed by e-mail. Ziccardi's experience, numbers are important, but "not the bottom line" to clients and media buyers.

How questions are posed on surveys now is "very much psychological and about self-perception," and less about "fitting into the old prescribed socioeconomic classes or categories," Mr. "In the research that proves to them whether or not their target consumer is being reached, they want to have qualitative definitions of who the audiences are." DEMOGRAPHIC VS.

"Generation Y was a [popular phrase] in 1993, a term which at that point identified correctly the last third of Gen X," Mr. "The notion has become familiar in popular culture and in marketing to refer to teenagers.