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Unless she’s, like, all gung-ho and trying to convert you. If they ask you join in, that could be another story, I guess. But there are some, such as myself, who are atheists or practice other religions.

I’ve seen dudes with 300-pound girls with facial hair and it’s all good. Is "terrible taste" an okay reason to break things off? She said it didn’t count as cheating, but I’m pissed. I guess if it was a drunken bar night, it wouldn’t be that big of a deal. But if you come home and they’re all over each other on the couch, you’d probably be within your rights to get a little pissed. I’ve got my eye on a Juggalo, but I’m not a Juggalette. But most Juggalos I know are Christians and go to church often.

I was talking to one of my homies the other day and he was like, “Yeah, we got all painted up and made a porno last night.” So it happens, definitely. I was in front of her so she started kissing my neck. Is "terrible taste" an okay reason to break things off? Just like liking ICP or other bands like them doesn’t make you a Juggalo.

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I couldn't imagine my mom eex do this to us and to expect us to treat this man like family because she decided to be in a relationship.

She said it didn’t count as cheating, but I’m pissed. Yeah, okay, she did the dirty on you, but wouldn’t it turn you on to watch them one day?

It lets out the inner you that you’re afraid to show normally. My girlfriend hooked up with one of her girlfriends and I got mad.

She acts like she is 15 and Dude is dating so and so am her mother.

She calls me now about dating my daughters ex boyfriend latest bf she left the first guy after four yrs and asks me my opinion about her life with him, sex advice, etc. We like tattoos and piercing and all that — goth-looking girls, you know.

I wondered if she ‘really’ believed (how in heaven’s name can that be measured? I realized how right I was when she told me later that during the Easter Vigil itself at one point she had actually had a dialogue with herself in which she came very close to turning to me and telling me she just couldn’t go through with it. In particular, get in the habit early on of finding at least a few minutes a day to withdraw from the noise and bustle of life, and just prayerfully listen for God’s voice (“Speak Lord, your servant is listening” is how I begin).… continue reading »

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