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09-Nov-2017 08:02

Users need not reveal their real name, age, location or gender.

Parents worry their children may not be interacting with whom they think they are. N.'s Kate Pawelczyk says children sometimes have a false sense of comfort on social media platforms.

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"We believe that we should be educating young people more and more about how to behave in the online space, to make sure that they’re always safe.”The study indicates South African teens would rather chat on MXit than actually meet friends in person.

MXit was the answer for 30 percent of respondents - far more popular than watching TV, talking with family and friends, reading and - not surprisingly - homework.

UNICEF South Africa Communications Officer Kate Pawelczyk says it is important to understand just how the growth of social media is impacting our children.

Growing up in the village of Mduku in Kwa Zulu-Natal, Mbuyiselo Ndlovu, like many other young people in rural areas, didn’t have it easy when it came to education and access to quality learning material at his school, Mduku High.

The village is one of many in South Africa that still doesn’t have access to basic electricity and Mbuyiselo often times had to attend after school classes that ran into the night, sometimes until 10pm.And it appears that topping the chatting list is MXit - the social media platform.

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