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But I do think many are dissatisfied with their sex lives and are looking for a jump start to a more adventurous, fulfilling one.Sexual masochism has been found to be compatible with otherwise normal, healthy individuals (Baumeister & Butler, 1997).The research has indicated that relatively few people get hurt, and when injury does occur it’s usually the result of an accident or poor judgment (Moser & Levitt, 1987; Scott, 1983). According to Money & Lamacz (1989), if under control, a sadist and a masochist can make a sexuality compatible match. Absorbing much criticism, he viewed it as inherent in females. Stekel (1920) saw masochism in women as a “will to unpleasure.” c.Krafft-Ebing (1931) saw it as a congenital disorder. Bader (1993) viewed it as punishment for seeking pleasure. Lego (1992) believed it was the result of unresolved fears of separation or abandonment—viewing oneself as a perpetual victim. Stoller (1975) found it stemmed from early maternal humiliation. Califia (1983) saw it as an eroticized exchange of power. Stolorow and Lachmann (1980) believed masochists were wounded narcissists who sought sadistic attention to build up their sense of self. Krafft-Ebing named masochism after the Austrian writer Leopold Von Sacher-Masoch, whose books often carried a masochistic theme. He was attracted to dominant women in furs as depicted in his book, (1869).Apparently, the writer pressured his first wife Aurora Von Rümelin to live out the experiences of his book which she did, but with reservations.

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Baumeister & Butler (1977) found that masochism as a concept has always intrigued clinicians because of its paradoxical nature: How can the experience of pain, loss of control, and humiliation—the key ingredients of masochism—produce or enhance any pleasure, sexual or otherwise?

Following his death, she wrote about her experiences in her memoir, ) (1906).

Bored with marriage, Sacher-Masoch also had mistresses who engaged in his sexual fantasies.

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To be slapped, for example, offered them attention. Baumeister (1988) believed that masochism was a paradoxical technique for getting rid of one’s sense of self: Stripping away one’s identity in an effort to protect oneself from pain—much like substance use. Cowan (1982) saw masochism as a therapeutic process that enabled the person to gain personal insight. Stolorow, Atwood, and Brandschaft (1988) contended that masochism was used to shed a societal image. Butler (1982) offered that some feminists viewed masochism as a misogynistic concept borrowed from a Western patriarchal framework. Abrams and Stefan (2012) saw it as an adaptive response to abuse—the anger and shame are integral to sexual arousal. Solomon and Corbit’s (1974) learning theory (opposite-process theory) postulated that it was a shifting away from the body’s homeostasis in order to produce a sense of euphoria. Money & Lamacz (1989) found that by age 8 the human mind will have fully developed its which will serve as a template through to the end of one’s adult life.