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Thus, SDOCT images depict reflective interfaces between retinal layers.SDOCT scanners generate high-resolution images in a relatively short time [10], [11].Key aspects of glaucoma management are early detection and monitoring of disease progression (identifying the first evidence of disease related change and keeping track of it).Current gold standards for identifying glaucomatous progression are assessment of serial stereoscopic optic disc photographs (depicting anatomical structure) and assessment of serial psychophysical test results (tests of visual function, called visual field tests).Stereoscopic disc photos provide a permanent record of the appearance of the optic nerve that is independent of specialized viewing instruments [4]–[7].This technique remains the most widely used and accepted documentation of the condition of the optic nerve head [6].The longitudinal features from each patient's eye were then fed to the machine learning classifier to classify each eye as stable or progressed over time.This study was performed using several machine learning classifiers including Bayesian, Lazy, Meta, and Tree, composing different families.

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In this section, we first describe the technologies and instruments used for collecting structural and functional ophthalmic data of study participants.From the clinical point of view, many eye care professionals prefer to have access to more objective progression analyses.