Libra dating capricorn

28-Jun-2017 14:35

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Communication is essential to prevent their relationship canvas blossoming into a War of the Roses.

It could be left on Capricorn Man to tear down the walls on their entire relationship and call it quits, if she hesitates and stutters to any sort of resolution for too long.

Nov 16, 2017 - Reevaluate just what it is that you're working for.

If it's fun and relaxation you're after, maybe you're passing it by without even realizing it. It would be best if you took advantage of it now instead of waiting until some magic point at which you feel you've earned it.

) Libran and Capricorn pursuits never wander too far away from the grand, exclusive, luxury paths in life.

With such precious stakes at hand, the aesthetically beautiful yet superficial nature of the relationship threatens to turn into a Cold War, should words be left unsaid and feelings unspoken.

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In both Libra and Capricorn’s books, that prospect alone makes enough sense to give it an honest shot.

They can both undermine each other which quickly turns to hiding, lies and deception – a common theme of two Cardinal signs in romance.

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