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There’s still a historic downtown, but with a gastropub now and a specialty olive oil store. But a sprawl of warehouses and a seemingly unsustainable number of used car lots surrounds the city center.

Sixty-five percent of Norcross is zoned for business use.

His margins were high in the Norcross area, especially in the older neighborhoods that have seen an influx of immigrants.“Most of the white people who are here have been here for 20 years,” explained James Bell, 64, speaking to a reporter outside a Kroger grocery store. “They don’t care about America.”He listed big changes that he’s noticed: More renters in the neighborhood who seem to him to care little about the upkeep of their property, single-family houses that he says are filled with multiple families, garbage bins overflowing and litter in the streets.

“They have seen the neighborhood change and a lot of them are angry about it.”Bell, like many others interviewed, said he distinguishes between immigrants who are making an effort to fit into the existing culture and those who he thinks aren’t trying to assimilate. There are also the subtler things that get under his skin.“You can see them at the Kroger customer service center desk,” he said, saying that many of his neighbors line up there to send money home to Mexico.

Many say they feel isolated in their own hometown, pushed to change their ways, to assimilate to the new arrivals instead of the other way around.

They resent the shift, even knowing it’s nobody’s fault, really.

The Vietnamese and the Koreans, he said, are at least keeping to themselves. It’s a flow of cash leaving this little community, not building it.

Norcross, once a sleepy bedroom community of about 3,000 people living on winding roads, attracted waves upon waves of these newcomers. Part of it was the easy access to interstate highways and the jobs in Atlanta.Pablo Casas moved to the town in November 1999 shortly after coming to the United States from Colombia on a student visa.