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20-Sep-2018 11:33

You are also giving rewards to people who are financially contributing to the project Yes, there are all kinds of rewards.

We have this amazing Gary Oldman and his photographic book, which features the photos that Gary took on his Victorian camera from 1853.

Interestingly, your documentary says, 'listen to what the Undeads talk about'The film transcends the traditional idea of a documentary.

It has interlinking narrative films inspired by the conversation because when I talked to each of the creators...

It's not as hip as everything else you have." We are like, "You can't make the definitive vampire documentary and not include Hammer.

There's no way."So yes, we are on and we are working with producing partners that are coming on board and joining the Undead with us.

I can't really take one aspect because I really think there is so much to it that's been fascinating.

She created Claudia, a child character who lives forever and obviously she [her daughter] died of leukaemia, so blood disease, vampires and all of that and she said it's all about loss and grieving.

I was extremely fortunate to work with the brilliant Joss Whedon and to play Drusilla on Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel.

The idea has been percolating because whenever I've hung out with creators, writers, directors, actors, who have lived in the vampire universe, I've had the best conversations with them.

We talked to Joss about angels and he says he uses vampirism to look at addiction.

And we talked to Tim Burton and he says dark shadows are about family dysfunction.In the movie, which is scheduled to premiere in 2016, Landau takes intimate and revealing interviews with some of the greatest artists who would talk about how they interpret the subject.

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