Jimmy bennett and bella thorne dating Ama ture chat

25-Feb-2018 13:03

So naturally, this all left everyone with the assumption that they're dating. Logan kicked off the vlog by clearing up what happened.

"As you guys know, yesterday was the Fourth of July.

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His most recent role was starring on the ABC television show "No Ordinary Family" And, because I'm such a hard-core fan, I created the first and (formerly) only Tumblr for all Jimmy Bennett fans! Now, there are a few other Jimmy blogs but I’ve got to say that I’m glad you guys have stuck with me.star Chloe Bennet over this past Fourth of July weekend.The famous vlogger and newly single actress were visibly into each other, as they were photographed making out and canoodling while vacationing together in Hawaii. Logan and Chloe took to You Tube straight from Hawaii to set the record straight.And you too, because you came out and said I’m lovely ♥ Yay, guys!

Thanks for supporting this blog and making me feel awesome! I’ve been taking extra credit classes throughout the summer and they’ve really taken away from my free time.

When Brooklyn decided to join the rest of the 21st century and made a Twitter account, she was one of the first people he followed, so that’s kind of all the proof we need.