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So Chuck plays tough guy, almost like a gangster, as he intimidates Bryan with talk of rats.

Bryan doesn’t take it like you might expect, throwing back that Chuck was playing dirty and he had to be called out on it.

Chuck agrees and asserts there will be complete transparency from now on, encouraging Bryan, again like a mobster, to be “loyal.” If he can prove his loyalty, he’ll become capo — I mean, Head of Crim.

Another interesting parallel this week: Both leads are getting closer to meeting “Blackjack” Foley.

He first goes to Boyd, in prison, who offers advice on both dealing with Foley and what to do next.

He advises that handling Sandicot could change his public profile. He calls someone on his way out of town as AC/DC begins to play, ending his instructions with, “Don’t stop until we get what we’re owed.” • Here’s where I usually link to an obscure music cue, so I’ll include “For Those About to Rock (We Salute You),” but you probably didn’t need help with that one (or “Sex and Candy” earlier in the episode). Now a veteran filmmaker, he became the youngest man nominated for the Oscar for Best Director for in 1994.

He withdrew a golf-club membership because they didn’t allow women and that could hurt his son in a future campaign. He gives his son a key piece of advice: He can’t do this without Wendy. “She’d make you unstoppable.” Wendy is back at Axe Capital trying to make Bobby’s employees unstoppable, but Mick Danzig (Nathan Darrow) is having a crisis of conscience.

He’s unable to sleep, dreaming of Russian hackers destroying his portfolio.

As Chuck tries to reunite with Wendy the morning after the tryst with Craig, telling her that she can work at Axe Capital, Axe continues to balance his desire to find out who screwed him on Sandicot with his need to figure out what to do next.“If they hate you enough, they will find legal grounds to fuck you,” he says. They can let the city implode, go in with charter schools, then build it up again. • Time for a bit of praise for a name you may not know — Allison Estrin.And this is the kind of deal that could lead to hatred for Axe Capital. After a pleading visit from Bruno, Axe asks Lara (Malin Akerman) what he should do. She notes that the people of Sandicot are of the same class that they used to be. She’s the casting director on this wonderful show and it may be the best cast on TV.Meanwhile, Chuck has such political capital from the arrest of Lawrence Boyd (Eric Bogosian) that he’s being pushed to run for higher office, mostly by his father (Jeffrey De Munn).

Although he’ll need Wendy (Maggie Siff) to make that possibility a reality — and Mrs. While Chuck is already working on his image with a carefully planted photo op with his son, Axe is trying to figure out exactly how the Sandicot deal blew up in his face.Chuck has taken Bryan to Keen’s Chophouse, which typically means a promotion, and there’s a position open for which Bryan is qualified.