Is keanu reeves still dating diane keaton

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(2012) Henry's Crime (14-Sep-2010) The Private Lives of Pippa Lee (9-Feb-2009) The Day the Earth Stood Still (10-Dec-2008) Street Kings (10-Apr-2008) The Lake House (16-Jun-2006) A Scanner Darkly (25-May-2006) Constantine (8-Feb-2005) Thumbsucker (23-Jan-2005) · Perry Lyman Ellie Parker (2005) Something's Gotta Give (12-Dec-2003) · Julian Mercer The Matrix Revolutions (27-Oct-2003) · Neo Mayor of the Sunset Strip (17-Jun-2003) · Himself The Matrix Reloaded (7-May-2003) · Neo The Animatrix (17-Apr-2003) Hardball (10-Sep-2001) Sweet November (12-Feb-2001) · Nelson The Gift (20-Dec-2000) The Watcher (7-Sep-2000) The Replacements (7-Aug-2000) Me and Will (19-Oct-1999) The Matrix (31-Mar-1999) · Neo The Devil's Advocate (17-Oct-1997) The Last Time I Committed Suicide (5-Jun-1997) Feeling Minnesota (13-Sep-1996) · Jjaks Clayton Chain Reaction (2-Aug-1996) · Eddie Kasalivich A Walk in the Clouds (27-May-1995) Johnny Mnemonic (15-Apr-1995) · Johnny Speed (10-Jun-1994) · Jack Traven Little Buddha (1-Dec-1993) · Siddhartha Even Cowgirls Get the Blues (13-Sep-1993) Much Ado About Nothing (7-May-1993) · Don John Bram Stoker's Dracula (13-Nov-1992) · Jonathan Harker My Own Private Idaho (12-Sep-1991) Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey (19-Jul-1991) Point Break (12-Jul-1991) · Johnny Utah Tune in Tomorrow...

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Beardy Film Geek Keanu (Side by Side, 2013) Keanu, his beard and his ever-changing hair were the producer, narrator and interviewer on Side by Side, a documentary about shooting film on celluloid and the impact of digital technology on filmmaking.They made My Own Private Idaho together, and joked about filming Romeo and Juliet with Reeves as Romeo and Phoenix as Juliet. He has long been estranged from his natural father, who served a prison term for selling heroin.