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12-Feb-2018 14:43

Jeff and Jordan spent a magical 3 days together in Italy with some of Jeff's family as he showed Jordan a bit of his family's lineage.Some good wine, eats, romantic strolls and a trip to Pisa and Jordan and Jeff once again parted.On Finale night with the help of America's Vote, Jordan won 0,000 by a vote of 5-2, and Jeff won the America's Favorite Houseguest prize of ,000.After the Finale, Jeff and Jordan confirmed to fans that they were "together" and would be pursuing a long distance relationship with one another, as he lives in Chicago and she lives in Charlotte, NC.So both were excited about the Jeff and Jordan started the race off strong, coming in first on the first leg, however after a series of bad luck and choices, Jeff and Jordan were eliminated from the race on the 6th leg.Jeff, being so competitive, was upset but came to realize that he and Jordan were winners in the end because they had a once in a lifetime adventure and the stress didn't hurt him & Jordan After the Race Jeff and Jordan returned to their respective homes to once again deal with the strain that was the long distance between them.It didn't take long for them to gravitate towards one another and form a strong alliance and even stronger bond.Alas, Jeff and Jordan's reign of power was short lived, as Jeff made some of the biggest moves of the game, getting rid of the strongest players, it made him the biggest target left in the game.

Competition "Lovers Lane" From there Jeff, with the help from this fan site, Mt Fuji, helped bring Cambodian locals fresh Water, met his Asian BB doppelgänger on the set of BB Thailand, Toured the slums of India, followed by a swing by Dracula's Castle in Romania.

Finale Week found Jeff and Jordan on talk shows and red carpet events as well as being nominated for a Fox Reality Award for "Best Reality Duo" which they won! Although they admitted it would might put a strain on their new relationship, Jeff and Jordan jumped at the chance to compete on "TAR".

Jeff was passionate about travel and Jordan had never been out of the country.

Jeff won the coveted Power of Veto and ensured that he and Jordan would make it to Jury, which satisfied their main From then it on it was a rocky road for the Vets, they faced losses and even more shocking betrayals.

In week seven Jeff won HOH and POV and was able to enact vengeance on his betrayers, but his victory would be short lived.Luckily not for too much longer as his journey had only a few more weeks left to go.

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