Interracia dating

04-Aug-2017 02:15

30 article in Fifteen Minutes about interracial dating on Harvard's campus, "With or Without Discrimination, Subverting Stereotypes Through Dating," presents the opinions of our experiences as a black-white couple as a series of critiques solely coming from the Harvard black community; in fact, our experiences with black students are only a part of our experiences here at Harvard and this article has falsely presented the black community as a monolithic entity with one negative voice regarding interracial relationships.

The way that this article is formatted presents our negative experiences as the main topic of the article. We were approached by The Crimson, and after consideration, agreed to be featured, due to the fact that we love this campus, and genuinely believe that it can do better, and wanted to productively and positively contribute to the conversation.

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But that is not what our interview focused on: we were asked to talk about our experiences at Harvard, and we tried to open up best we could, and feel as if only bits and pieces of our responses were highlighted with no context provided.

Participants completed a series of survey measures, but also rated the attractiveness of eight online dating profiles comprising women of varying backgrounds (1 Asian, 1 Latina, 3 Black, and 3 White).