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25-Jul-2017 07:39

In fact, the researchers reported that the percentage of couples who connected online is now nearly on par with those who met the old-fashioned way, though friends or family. And even black subscribers preferred black partners.

(More on Will Facebook Steal Online Dating Sites’ Girl? Census data from 2000 shows that black-white couples make up just 1% of American marriages. Although they were ten times as likely to contact whites as whites were to contact blacks, overall, blacks sent online inquiries to people of their own race more often.

Their children and/or grandchildren frequently do not consider themselves Jews.

The beauty of our 3,000-year faith, rich history and culture often ends within a generation of intermarriage.

) But as acceptable as online dating and inter-racial dating have ostensibly become, those looking for love are still sticking with those who look like them. Why are blacks more willing to take a chance on white folk?

Mendelsohn speculates that blacks are simply acting like minority populations of any kind, trying to meld into the dominant structure.

But though love may be blind, it’s still not really color-blind.

New stats from more than 1 million online daters show that whites mostly stick with whites and rarely respond to overtures from potential black love interests.

This feeling is undoubtedly at the root of your parents' strong sentiments.Subscribers indicated a racial preference in their cyber-profile, tailoring their profiles to reflect a desire to date people only of the same race, of another race or of any race.