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Amy Schumer got to make "Trainwreck" because Apatow heard her on Stern's show and thought she could do a movie.

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His show has become one of the most high-profile platforms for celebrities who want to promote their albums or sell their books, and the price Stern charges is candor.Around the same time, Stern complained about not getting "credit" for the radio "revolution" that his show had spawned.By moving to satellite radio, Stern got all of that - a new focus, a new identity and new recognition.He was also integral to the success of the broadcaster.

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When Stern joined Sirius (now Sirius XM) in January 2006 for a 0 million five-year contract, the company had fewer than a million subscribers; just a year later, the company had 6 million subscribers, and Stern earned a hefty stock bonus.

He even renamed certain members of his motley "Wack Pack," a group of troubled and disabled people put on-air for comic effect, changing "Gary the Retard" to "Gary the Conqueror." The angry ex-fans, who hate-listen and catalogue Stern's about-faces and political correctness, call the host "Hollywood Howard" and "Hamptons Howard" and (oof) "James Lipton with a radio mic.""Howard has become a lot of the things that he always told people not to become," says comedian Jackie "The Joke Man" Martling, who left Stern's show in 2001.